Financial Institutions



QBE is a leading provider of mortgage and auto lender-placed protection solutions, consumer insurance products and loss mitigation services. We serve mortgage and auto lenders, mortgage servicers, financial institutions and homebuilders of all sizes and from coast to coast.

QBE serves the financial institution industry with leading products and services, including:

  • Mortgage and auto lender-placed protection solutions
  • Consumer insurance products
  • Loss mitigation services

We work tirelessly to develop solutions that address your needs, including:

  • Risk mitigation solutions to protect assets
  • Compliance solutions for steady guidance through the legislative and regulatory landscape
  • Customer service solutions to improve your customers’ experience and enrich their relationship with you

Our proprietary ComplianceTrack system can identify risks related to compliance. Read more about compliance.

Q-Shield protects your entire portfolio. Learn more about our insurance tracking solutions.

Our lender-placed insurance provides the tools to manage risk and a safety net for mortgage investors. Read more about lender-placed insurance.

QBE protects your portfolio with three powerful tools: collateral protection insurance, insurance tracking and guaranteed asset protection.  Read more about auto risk management.

QBE can customize a program based on your business model. Read more about consumer insurance programs.




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