Business Insurance


Your business is going places, and your business vehicles help get you there.  While you stay focused on where you're going, let us focus on any auto-related risks that may lie in the way. We also like to focus on helping you be safety-conscious and reward you for your careful ways with top-quality coverage and service.


Burglary, forgery, employee dishonesty. Truth is, bad things happen to good businesses  – of all sizes. Big or small, what we do is look at your business' particulars. Then we fit you with coverage that would protect you against what could befall you. That's right. We fit you. Not the business next door, not even a similar business down the street. You.

General Liability

Slips and falls, product defects, operational snafus. Anything can happen – on-premises or off-premises. Because we can see where you want your business to go, we can also see where you don't want it to go. Whether you own a motel or run a contracting firm, if your business finds itself potentially liable, we'll make sure you're prepared.

Commercial Inland Marine

As any cargo company knows, inland marine insurance has almost nothing to do with the ocean and everything to do with transported goods. That's why we work with land-based shipping and storage businesses to cover moveable merchandise from fine art to theatrical property to physicians' and surgeons' equipment. We also offer protection for computer systems and valuable papers (among other things), covering you where your business stays stationary too.

Workers' Compensation

One key to workers' compensation coverage is to avoid workers' compensation claims.  So when you take out a policy with us, you get e-learning resources to improve your safety programs and reduce injuries. We also provide roadmaps for return-to-work programs and, because we take a close look at your business' needs, we can size a plan to work for you. Another key: fast claims processing. You get that, too.

Commercial Property and Business Income

Let us play devil's advocate. Say something goes wrong – perhaps Mother Nature is to blame – and your operations are interrupted for a little while. We can help cover lost income and losses sustained while your operations are down. We can even advance you funds to help you get back on your feet. And, although we're nationwide, we're also local, which means: A) we're probably familiar with your business* and, B) we can react fast to help you reopen fast.

*If your business is big, our Asset Coverage protection provides more than 40 additional coverages or coverage extensions for large property risks.

Commercial Package

Certain risks are just inherent to certain businesses. For example, food-borne illnesses are to restaurants what damaged greens are to golf courses. Because we are experts with those types of risks, we offer coverage extension packages for – and this is just a partial list – contractors, food processors, wholesale distributors, metalworkers, wineries and, yes, restaurants and public golf courses.

Commercial Umbrella Liability

We hate to sound mushy, but we'll catch you if you fall. When your underlying policy is exhausted or there's no policy to cover whatever your liability happens to be, our commercial umbrella coverage provides a safety net for your business. Another way we're there for you: Rather than making you wait for us to reimburse you, we can pay for the loss upfront.


Farming: From sea to shining sea. Our coverage is just that broad and our expertise just that deep to cover everything in between – from huge commercial agri operations and orchards to vineyards and small gentleman farms. Or if you handle just one piece of the bigger agricultural puzzle, like harvesting, processing or storing, we can cover you, too. Some other things we cover: horse and cattle operations, spoilage, farm residential and personal property and, of course, farm-related structures and machinery.

Coverage subject to availability.