QBE North America's Accident & Health division launches Critical Illness product

Thursday, May 15, 2014

QBE North America’s Accident and Health division now offers one of the most comprehensive Critical Illness products on the market in a new Group Critical Illness enhancement to its Medical Stop Loss product. By offering a solution that provides coverage gaps for employees who experience a critical illness, QBE makes it possible for self-insured employers to better protect their workers’ families, and their way of life.

Medical Emergencies can strike at any time; every 34 seconds, an American will suffer a heart attack and more than 14 million Americans were diagnosed with cancer in 2012. The financial consequences can be catastrophic. In fact, medical expenses are the leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States.

For the employers’ part, rising insurance costs are making it increasingly difficult for them to provide competitive healthcare to their employees. Consequently, they are shifting costs to plan participants. Employees and dependents who rely on employer-sponsored healthcare are being offered more restrictive plans with higher out-of-pocket expenses.

QBE sees its new Critical Illness Insurance as an ideal solution for self-insured clients to provide economical employee benefit packages, and to bridge coverage gaps for many of the most expensive acute illnesses and events.

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