Claims FAQs

Why must I pay my deductible if the claim wasn't my fault?

In your insurance contract, you agreed to pay the deductible amount if you have a claim. However, if you are not at fault and pay your deductible, you'll be reimbursed as soon as the claim is settled provided the other party, or the other party's insurance company, pays the claim.


I've been in an accident and can't drive my car. How much will you reimburse me for my rental car?

When your car is not drivable because of an accident or other loss covered under your policy, QBE will reimburse you $20* per day for your transportation expenses, including rental car, bus or taxi fees if you have rental reimbursement coverage on the vehicle. We do not pay these expenses for the entire 30-day maximum period unless it's deemed necessary.

*Higher limits may be available for an additional fee (must be in effect prior to claim to provide coverage). See your agent for details.


I was just notified that the body shop is using aftermarket parts to repair my vehicle. What are these and why are they using them?

Aftermarket auto parts are parts produced by companies other than the original equipment manufacturers. They offer a safe, quality and cost-effective alternative to manufacturer's parts and are another way insurance companies keep your premiums down. QBE's guidelines for using aftermarket parts require that they are industry-certified, do not cause unusual delays for your vehicle repair and are of equal or better quality than original parts.