Policyholders impacted by a Hurricane

Our Claims team is working seven days a week to respond to your report of a claim within 24 hours. Please continue to pay attention to the guidance from state and local government officials and make safety the top priority. See our claims reporting and safety information below, including how to protect yourself from unscrupulous service providers.

Nate Update: If your home, property, or vehicles suffered damage, please report your claim as soon as possible. Try to minimize further damage by temporarily patching holes in roofs and windows and drying out water soaked areas as soon as possible. Take pictures of the damage before making repairs and save any receipts for work performed.

Irma Update: If a third party, such as a contractor or lawyer, approaches you about an Assignment of Benefits (AOB) contract, please read this consumer protection message from the Florida Division of Consumer Services before making a decision.

Harvey Update: Please beware of scammers who call demanding payment of policy premium to avoid cancellation of coverage. Read this notice from the Federal Trade Commission.

Report a Claim

If you have a policy from QBE and suffer a loss due to a hurricane, please use our special reporting procedures for catastrophic events that should expedite our response.

Please note that using the PDF form below may be the quicker and easier option to report a claim during times of heavy call volume.

  • Website: Use our editable PDF form below if would prefer to report claims online or via email.

Download PDF Form

  • Phone: If you need to report a claim, you may do so toll free 24 hours a day/7 days a week at our special number below for catastrophic events. It requires fewer prompts to get to an appropriate claims professional.

Call QBE at 877.464.5395
Or, call your agent or broker

Stay Safe and Minimize Risk of Loss

Watch out for unscrupulous contractors and other service providers. Find helpful tips at the links below:

Below are links to important Hurricane preparation materials that you can download. Considering the very heavy rainfall predicted, please take special precautions against flooding.

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